About us

HMC Invest is a private investment company with Slovak capital. Since its establishment in 2005, it has been operating a number of projects within the EU, Turkey and Middle East countries. Our assets are in the energy, renewable energy and real estate. We continuously invest in the development of human resources, technologies and applied research to ensure the long-term sustainability of the growth of a whole group of companies under our leadership.


Implementation of EPC projects


Investment guidance


Equity investment


Through the vitalization of the existing brown industrial zone, we are gradually building a modern and timeless project of the industrial park HT Technology Park Vlkanová, which has been using part of the electricity from renewable sources since 2010. For more than 15 years we have been attractive for Italian, German, Swiss and French companies that develop their production capacities in our premises.


Energy projects

We own and operate several local distribution companies for electricity, gas and renewable energy distribution – photovoltaic power plants. We are a long-time electricity and gastrader. We implement turnkey energy projects for international investors and investment groups. We have experience working in a regulated environment.


Applied research

We are active in the development of SW for energy services, in the area of regulated activities of the electricity and gasmarkets. We support research and development in the field of electronic innovation and cyber security.

Offered services

HMC Invest offers interesting investment opportunities for private investors with the aim of improving their financial resources. Through our corporate portfolio and carefully managed risk, we can guarantee safe and efficient investment. Our group holds many know-how in the segment to maintain market leadership.

We also focus on targeted investment in dedicated SPVs in the industrial project segment. We provide complete project, engineering and consulting services, including obtaining a co-financing institution with the aim of long-term sustainability of a high ROE project.

Part of our portfolio is Project Management of Construction Implementation, Construction Work, Supervision of Professionals, including Individual and Comprehensive Testing, Temporary and Continuous Operation of the Plant to Operation and Maintenance during the Project Lifecycle.


Matuškova 48,
976 31 Vlkanová

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